Afraid of Steroid Injections? Safe Back Pain Treatments That Work

| November 4, 2012

By now, you have probably heard the news of the meningitis outbreak spread by the steroid injections most commonly used to treat back pain. There have been several cases and even instances of death. Since the outbreak, many are looking for a safer alternative for their pain and stiffness. Are there any safe ways to effectively relieve lower back pain?, also known as Fox’s KeyT 3 – Santa Barbra station, looks into several ways to treat back pain without sabotaging your health. Here are a few quick back pain treatment tips that can make your pain feel better almost instantly.

Remember to consult your health care provider before trying any pain relief treatments.

1. Heat it Up; Cool it Down: The use of thermal therapy can be effective in any type of pain management treatment. For lower back pain, try switching using hot temperature treatments, such as a warm bath, heating pad, or a soak in the spa. Alternate these treatments with cold temperature treatments, such as an ice pack. explains, “Heat can reduce muscle spasms and pain. Cold can reduce swelling and numb deep pain”.

2. Stay Active and Build Up Your Strength: makes a great point, “Spines are supposed to move”. Getting up and mobile can be hard, especially when you are in pain. However, increasing your daily activity can help decrease your current back pain while preventing future back pain. So what kind of activities should you engage in? Try frequent brisk walks, deep and relaxing stretching, such as yoga, and effective strength training that will build up your core and back muscles.

3. Try Safer, Alternative Treatments: Back surgery and steroid injections should be the last resort for back pain management. As we can see now, these serious treatments can also come with serious side effects and risks. Instead, seek out alternative treatments for back pain. Chiropractors are gentle and very effective. Acupuncturists and masseuses also have a notable reputation when it comes to relieving and preventing back pain. The process of these alternative treatments are also a lot more affordable and can even be enjoyable, especially in comparison to invasive back pain treatments, like the steroid shots.

For many back pain has become the way of life. However, pain does not have to plague you for the rest of your life. Instead, focus on becoming a healthier you by embracing a healthy diet, helpful exercise, and less stress. Good health is the essential first step to take when approaching your back pain.

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